Saturday, December 27, 2014

9 months

Jacob turned 9 months old two days before Christmas.

According to our scale, Jacob weighs around 21 pounds now (he has his 9 month well check in about a week, so then I'll have an official weight).
He wears 12 month or 18 month onesies and 9 month or 12 month pants.
He's still in size 3 diapers.
He has 4 teeth.

At 9 months, Jacob can:

  • crawl very well and very quickly
  • pull up on everything
  • cruise around holding onto furniture
  • very briefly stand alone
  • clap
  • play peek-a-boo
  • click his tongue
  • make cute babbling noises
  • sign "milk"

He loves:

  • Mommy more than anything or anyone else
  • pulling hair and grabbing glasses off your face
  • tickles
  • shaking his head
  • being thrown in the air
  • swinging
  • playing with the dishwasher
  • playing with water
  • playing with things he's not supposed to have
  • apples, bread, meat, and beans

He hates:

  • when Mommy leaves a room, puts him down, or gives him to someone else
  • sleeping
  • diaper changes, clothing changes, and anything else that requires him to be held still
  • having things taken away from him
  • dairy products

His nighttime sleep, which hasn't been good since he was 3 months old, continues to be awful. He has a morning and afternoon nap, which generally go pretty well, though he frequently has a hard time going to sleep in the afternoon these days. Maybe he'll go down to 1 nap really early like Jamie did. That would be fine by me; I hate having to schedule things around 2 naps.

We quickly gave up on feeding him purees because he just wouldn't open his mouth for them. Instead we decided to try baby-led weaning, and we love it. We just put regular food on his high chair tray and he decides if he wants to eat it or not and that's that. I don't think he really eats much of it, but he has been tasting plenty, and it is so much less stressful than trying to get a spoon into an unwilling mouth. He still nurses all the time.

We love this baby!

More pictures from the last couple months:
He loves opening and closing this drawer and, now that he knows how, pulling up on it and flinging out all its contents.
broccoli face.
our books are definitely in danger now!
first time in the snow! There wasn't much, but it was November in Tennessee, so any snow at all was noteworthy.
at the library
Since I missed posting about it, here's his 8 month picture.
taco night :)
spaghetti baby playing peek-a-boo
He loves sticking these big Lego people in his mouth and crawling around with them hanging there. It's too funny.

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  1. Our babies are so similar (redundant, I know)!

    Jacob is so sweet, I wanna smootch those cheeks!

    It's so hard when they won't let you put them down. Man, I know how that is. *sigh*

    Solidarity in sleepless nights.