Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star Wars day

Saturday was Star Wars day at the zoo, so I took the boys while Thomas worked on his dissertation. It was only Jacob's second time at the zoo, and he was not a fan. He did not want to be in the stroller or be held, but of course he wouldn't stay with me if I put him down. There was a lot of screaming. However, I had fun dressing him up in the Jedi costume I made for Jamie for Halloween a few years ago, and Jamie had a GREAT time dressing up and meeting some Star Wars characters.

Jamie and Jacob in this picture really remind me of the next one, one of my favorites from that Halloween.
You can't really tell how angry he was, but he was so mad at me for putting him in the stroller. He has a temper.
watching chimpanzees
my little baby Jedis :)

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