Friday, April 10, 2015


For Thomas's birthday I bought him tickets to see Guys and Dolls on April 4, which happened to be the day before Easter. We don't get to go on dates hardly ever, and with Thomas's dissertation defense looming on May 22nd, we haven't been seeing much of each other even with him in the country. So we were really looking forward to it. We went, and it was awesome, and we were having a great time, and then during intermission we got a text message from the babysitter saying that Jamie had just projectile vomited everywhere. He hardly ever gets sick and we hardly ever go on dates. What were the chances of them happening at the same time??

Anyway, we asked if we should rush home but she said she had it under control and we should finish the show, which we did. We arrived home to lots of cleaning and a boy who was acting normal and said he felt fine. That night, though, when Thomas was checking on a wakeful Jacob, he discovered that Jamie had thrown up in his sleep and hadn't even woken up. So we got to do even more cleaning and deal with a very grumpy boy who did not want to be cleaned and changed in the middle of the night. We made him a little bed of blankets on the floor in our room so that we'd hopefully be able to hear him if it happened again.

The next morning was Easter. I debated about whether I should even put their baskets out or just wait til the next week, but Jamie already knew it was going to be Easter so I figured that would confuse/upset him. He was a pretty good sport about not getting to eat any candy that day. We had a pretty low-key holiday. They got their baskets, we went on a walk, and I made ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner with cupcakes for dessert. We saved some of everything for Jamie for another day.

We had Jamie sleep in our room again just in case, and it was a good thing because in spite of seeming well all day, he threw up in his sleep again that night. Poor guy! It was another pretty miserable night for everyone.

Previously Jamie had also had an Easter egg hunt with his preschool class, so at least he didn't miss out on that. I'd been planning on dying eggs but it just didn't happen with the sickness. Not one of our favorite Easters, I'm afraid.

I made the cupcakes on Friday before anyone was sick or else they wouldn't have happened at all.
very uncooperative boys


  1. The grumpy bunny is adorable. My kids wouldn't sit for a picture, either! Rude!

    I'm sorry for the sickness. That's the worst.

  2. vomiting stinks.

    Nice work on the baskets and cup cakes.