Monday, October 12, 2015

catch up!

I am way behind in blogging, so I am going to put a whole bunch into this post just to get caught up.

In August, my brother Mark and his family came to visit us. It is always a little chaotic to have that many people in our apartment, but we love it. The cousins have so much fun together! Movie night for the big kids and playing dress-ups were some favorites this time around, and it was really cute to see Jacob and Christine playing together a little bit.

A few random shots...

For Labor Day, we went down to Atlanta to spend even more time with Mark and Sarah. My brother Matt also joined us. We spent a fun weekend together watching a laser show at Stone Mountain, eating good food, playing lots of games, watching Sharknado, and going to the nature center. The kids' favorites this time were playing store, coloring some puppets and putting on a show, and playing outside.
man, I love his curls

More random pictures...
I found Jamie like this when I went in to get Jacob one morning. 
He mummified Peter Rabbit.
a picture of our family! The thing on the left is a rocket, at the top there's a heart, and Thomas is wearing a quiver to hold his arrows (of course).

One day Jamie wanted to make up his own recipe. We made muffins and I let him choose whatever ingredients and whatever amounts he wanted (though I did intervene a time or two, like when he wanted to use a cup of vanilla). They weren't great, but they were edible! He liked them and he had a great time making them, which is all that mattered.


Jamie was trying to earn back something he had lost, so he cleaned his whole room including vacuuming. He kept saying, "I'm having an awesome time!" 
a ghost!
playing with beans
I finally made Jacob's Christmas stocking. I am SO happy with how it turned out.
I love it when they match.
Last weekend I cut Jamie's hair myself for the first time. I was pretty nervous but I think it turned out all right.


These last pictures are from a couple days ago, when Jacob just looked extra cute. There's just something about babies in overalls. I probably overdid it with the pictures, but I couldn't help myself.
Jamie wanted to have his picture taken too. :)


  1. Looks like the kids were watching a scary movie at the movie night, they're all biting their fingernails or gasping (except Adriana).

    1. or eating popcorn. (at least in the first picture) They were watching The Great Mouse Detective.

  2. Hope you save Jacob's curls when you cut his hair!