Wednesday, May 19, 2010

baby prep

Yesterday I hit 38 weeks, so we don't have much time left at all before this little guy shows up! Since school got out, we've been working hard to make sure everything is ready for his appearance. We have cleaned our apartment top to bottom, and I've got all his clothes and toys washed, organized, and put away. It has been a struggle to figure out where to put all his stuff; I am really looking forward to him having his own room when we move. I've got his baby book filled out as much as I can without actually having him here. We have been practicing breathing and relaxation techniques, and I've continued with my goal of the past several months of trying to walk a couple miles at least 5 times a week. I've also been doing a prenatal yoga DVD. It is kind of new age-y and sometimes I can't help but laugh at the narrator, but it incorporates pretty much all the prenatal exercises I've seen recommended in various books, so I think it has been helpful.

I spent all of last weekend cooking, and we now have 8 casseroles and a huge batch of white chili in the freezer so we won't have to worry about cooking dinner for a while after the baby gets here. I made 2 enchilada casseroles, 2 lasagnas, a zucchini casserole, and three recipes I found online that I haven't tried yet but were easy to make and look yummy: chicken-biscuit casserole, chicken potato casserole, and santa fe chicken. I slightly modified all of them to our tastes. I'll have to let you know how they turn out!

The main other thing we've been doing to prepare is to go on as many dates as possible since we won't be able to as easily later on. Last week we went to the community theatre's current production, and on Friday we took advantage of the fact that Thomas had a doctor's appointment in Columbia. We picked up the last few things we needed for the baby and then in the evening had dinner at Olive Garden and saw the documentary Babies, which we loved! It was so, so cute. Tonight we are going to see Robin Hood; hopefully that will be a good time.

We have had some funny experiences with random people wanting to touch my stomach or give us advice. A couple of weeks ago we were grocery shopping, and a lady stopped us and asked when the baby was due. This is not unusual, but she then went on for literally about ten minutes telling us all the details of her experiences with labor and delivery (with a bit too much information) and giving us all kinds of advice, and she only stopped when she did because my phone rang. I love babies, so I get why people are interested, but it is really hard for me to understand how you could talk to a complete stranger for so long about a pretty personal topic! Crazy.

There are still a few things I'm working on and would like to get done, but I think for the most part we are pretty much ready for this baby to get here! 2 weeks to go and we can't wait!

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  1. Yeah he's almost here! That's some pretty serious preparation, I can't believe you made all those casserole, but at the same time it's smart. At the twins' house we're still getting meals brought at least a couple times a week from people in the ward and/or the neighborhood play group, who perhaps picked up when the ward left off. I hope Thomas enjoyed Robin Hood, I haven't seen it yet.

    Also, I totally agree about people going on like that whether they're strangers or not. I've have people talk to me with no end in sight when I was more than ready to leave, it's one of the most annoying things and it seems pretty evident.