Wednesday, May 19, 2010

graduation & mother's day

On the 8th, Thomas graduated with his Master's degree! (I did not have my thesis finished in time to graduate this semester.) It was unfortunately a pretty miserable day for graduation, as the ceremony is held outside and it was only about 50 degrees. We had just gotten back from Knoxville the night before, and it had been in the upper 80s while we were there, so it was quite a transition! But other than the cold and the wind, it was a nice ceremony, and afterwards his parents took us out to dinner at the Pear Tree (yum!).

I am so proud of Thomas for all the hard work he put into this program; I'm pretty sure he took more credits each semester than anyone else in the program, and he knocked out his thesis rough draft in a week. He is pretty much amazing! Congrats!!
The next day was Mother's Day, and my cute husband got me a nice card and a bouquet of stargazer lilies, which I love! My mom also got me a gift. It made me feel pretty special, especially since I'm not technically a mother yet. It was a lovely day :)

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