Saturday, August 18, 2012

how I spent my summer vacation

Want to see the pictures that really capture my summer?

And this doesn't include the numerous JSTOR articles I also read. Lucky me!

I just finished typing up all my notes. What a relief...except then I added up just how many I've taken. The grand total: Turns out that with the notes from each individual novel, all the articles, and all the books, I have 272 pages of notes....for what will likely be about a 60 page thesis. Oops.

Next up, actually writing the dang thing.

You know what's a lot more fun than working on my thesis? Hanging out with my boys at the farmer's market.
I love our little family!


  1. (by Annie's mom)


  2. Wow, what a summer! Good luck getting it written. Whenever you want a break you can come visit :)