Friday, August 31, 2012

a trip home

Now that we've been back for 3 weeks, maybe I should finally get around to putting up some pictures! Actually, I sent some pictures through the mail to the grandparents and the auntie, and I didn't want them to see them here first. I think it's more fun through the mail. :)

We went home for about 2 1/2 weeks. We spent the first half of the trip with my parents and the second half with Thomas's. We also got to see his sister, who was home on break from teaching in Korea, and for one day, my little brother. Jamie had the BEST vacation. He love-love-loves his grandparents, more than any kid I've ever seen, especially considering how rarely he sees them! I still get daily requests for them to come play or go with us to the park.

The pictures do a pretty good job showing how we spent our time (except that we don't have any pictures of ourselves watching the Olympics or taking notes, both of which Thomas and I spent a huge chunk of time on!), so without further ado...

making play-dough with Grandma
We had been hearing about "making a fire with Grandpa" ever since we got home from Christmas. Grandpa was kind enough to oblige Jamie's wishes, even in the middle of the summer!
gathering treasures
He climbed up the jungle gym all by himself!

washing strawberries with Grammy

At the farmer's market. I am completely jealous of Kirksville's farmer's market prices! Most things were about half the price they are in Knoxville!

Our trip coincided with the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Kirksville, so we went to the reenactment. 

the baptism of our friends' new baby Quinn. (Emily is his godmother)

Jamie and Anthony. This day at the Woehlks' house made a big impression! We are still hearing about Liza and Dominic!

piano lesson with (crazy) Uncle Johnny

Digging in the backyard was a favorite activity the whole trip!

Jamie and Papy
I desperately wish we lived closer! Jamie would be in heaven if he could see his grandparents all the time. I know we'll be hearing about everyone until the next time we get to go home.

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