Friday, November 2, 2012


We had the best Halloween with our little hobbit! The day before, he got to wear his costume to storytime at the library, and on the day of we were so happy to have beautiful weather so we could get some pictures of him outside. Trick-or-treating was so much fun. I'd forgotten just how fun it could be. We went over to a neighborhood and ended up going around with a couple little girls and their dad and grandma. One of the girls became quite enamored of Thomas and wouldn't let anyone else hold her hand--it was so cute. Before we headed home, we stopped by a Halloween party a friend was having. We had a great night! I love holidays with my boys :)

Additionally, here is a video of my little hobbit. He has candy in his mouth, so sorry about that, but it was Halloween. What can I say?

[Oh yeah, I made Jamie's costume, except for the white shirt ($2 at Goodwill) and the ring ($2.50 on ebay with free shipping). The vest pattern can be found here (fabric came from a pair of $4 Goodwill men's trousers) and the pants here (I just made them shorter). The cloak was mostly freehand but I made the hood with these instructions (same site where I got instructions for his Jedi costume last year). I have so much fun making his Halloween costumes!]

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