Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving crafts

The older Jamie gets, the more I love holidays. And I already really loved holidays, so that's saying something! Since we spent almost half the month away from home, I felt like we didn't have nearly as much time to celebrate Thanksgiving as we did with Halloween, so we have been trying to squeeze a lot in since then. There aren't as many fun Thanksgiving books as Halloween books at our library, but we have read several, and we have made a few Thanksgiving crafts too.

Hand turkeys:
Jamie has always loved having his hands traced to a weird degree, so he loved making these.
(in the circles on top of his, he was trying to write "Happy Thanksgiving")

Native American headbands:
Jamie colored the headband, chose where each feather would go, and even got to help with the glue! He was so excited. It was cute.

Pilgrim hat:
This was less successful because there were fewer things for Jamie to help with and it was harder to gauge the size. Oh well!

Thankful turkeys:
Found this idea on pinterest. Jamie was so excited about the googly eyes. I had him color the feathers first and then I wrote down things he was thankful for on each one. He didn't really know what that meant, so I asked what made him happy. Pretty cute answers: "coloring the feathers," "Mommy's home," "Daddy at school doing his work," "Daddy comes home," "Mommy and Daddy and Jamie together." He also got to help glue it together. This one was the biggest hit. He has been carrying his "thankful turkey" around with him a lot since we made it.

Jamie has also been getting really excited about Christmas, but I haven't let him do much with that yet. We'll wait til after Thanksgiving. But I did let him choose one ornament from the store already since we'll be decorating the tree shortly after we get home. It was funny because every time I pointed out another ornament he decided that was the one he wanted. He had finally settled on a Santa one, but then changed his mind one last time. This is a funny pose, but it was far and away the best shot of him showing the ornament.

We are very much looking forward to Thursday! I am so thankful for my cute, sweet, smart boy, for Thomas getting off school if only for a couple of days, and for getting to spend the holiday with family members. Happy Thanksgiving!

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