Saturday, December 1, 2012


For Thanksgiving this year, we got to spend a few days in Atlanta with my brother Mark's family, and my brother Matthew also drove down. Jamie had a BLAST playing with Uncle Matt, Aunt Sarah, and his cousins! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and had a lot of fun playing games, watching the kids, and just "sitting around and talking," ha ha. :) Unfortunately, this was also the year of the plague. Poor Thomas caught a bug from some of his classmates--from the sound of it, half the history department was ill. He spent the morning of his favorite holiday in bed with chest congestion and a fever, and on the day we drove home, Jamie and I caught it too. We're doing much better than we were, but we're all still coughing. Yuck. But other than the illness, it was a wonderful trip and we are so happy we got to spend the holiday with family! Just hope we didn't leave any germs behind us....
everybody sitting on Uncle Thomas
cousin table
Uncle Matt's turn :)

ha ha, best timing ever -- don't worry, Jamie wasn't hurt at all

Jamie's back in there somewhere too. They all love this little house!
making Thanksgiving dinner
Big kid table

Little kid table
tickles from Aunt Sarah!
It was funny how it suddenly got silent when we gave them all their pie :) Also, note the outfit changes. The girls were playing upstairs when they suddenly all ran down laughing hysterically, wearing their swimsuits over their clothes. Too funny!
speaking of pie... :)
playing Aunt Sarah's tiny violin

Trying to get a cousin picture--this was the best of the bunch.

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  1. We are so glad you guys could come down! Lots of fun!! germs, sherms... I think half the US got sick after Thanksgiving. :)
    The girls can't wait to see Jamie again!