Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas day {part 1}

We spent Christmas Eve with Thomas's parents and had our first round of present-opening at their house. It was a wonderful morning!
Please note that Santa is now in the crouton business.

reindeer prints on the balcony

Let's go see what Santa brought!
 Stockings all around...

a little candy before breakfast...

Emily joined us over Skype
We all got enormously spoiled. Though he got a lot of good ones, these were Jamie's three best presents:
#1) his Jamie-sized backpack! When he opened it, he put it on, announced, "Good bye! I am going to school!" and ran off down the hall.

#2) recycling truck. He was kept busy for a long time stuffing wrapping paper in the back. At one point I asked if he wanted to open another present, and he replied, "I am busy recycling."

 #3) tool set. He was busy drilling, sawing, and hammering all morning!

I got so many nice gifts that I was left wondering if there was anything left to get from my family! Among other things, I got a pair of Toms, a Harry Potter cookbook, several other books I'd asked for, a new board game, placemats, and some various kitchen accessories. Here are a couple of my most picture-worthy ones:
anthropologie apron!
new peacoat!
Thomas got a lot of presents too but they somehow escaped being photographed. He was particularly excited to get Bang!, the Settlers of Catan expansion set, some new clothes (that fit!), a variety of old Nickelodeon shows, and some books, including Guibert of Nogent, by his advisor. We did get a picture of Thomas being wrapped up in leftover wrapping paper, though...

Then we were all set to head off to Christmas #2!

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