Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas day {part 2}

At my parents' house, it was time for stocking #2...
Peter Rabbit was thrilled with his carrots and parsley.
And our second set of presents! Again we got SO many nice gifts. Jamie notably got a wide variety of dinosaurs, cars and trucks, and books. His favorite was probably the big fire truck!
Oh dear.

only Christmas picture of the two of us. sad it's blurry!
Later back at Thomas's house, we ate our weight in roast beef and chocolate...
the buche! so so yummy.
Jamie and I both got aprons! {I made his}
And then we ate even MORE food back at my house again.
the traditional Christmas pizza making
We ended the night back at Thomas's house again, playing games and eating treats. It was a very merry Christmas

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