Thursday, January 17, 2013

a Knoxville snow day

The rain we've been having for four days straight turned into snow this afternoon. I have to admit, when I saw "heavy snow" on the forecast this morning, I didn't believe it, but for once was right. We got more snow today than I've ever seen in Knoxville! Of course Jamie and I had to go out and make a snowman. We didn't expect to be using the snowpants and boots Grammy bought him once we got home, but they sure came in handy today! It was *perfect* packing snow, though we weren't really prepared with accessories for our little snowman so he looks pretty silly. Jamie learned about catching snowflakes on his tongue, and he loved it. He kept doing it over and over again the whole time we were out.
gotta catch more snowflakes!
On the down side, Knoxville is completely unprepared for snowy weather. After unsuccessfully attempting to make it home early in the afternoon, Thomas gave up and is spending the night with friends who live near campus. Bummer!

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