Thursday, July 24, 2014

Charleston {day 3}

We had originally planned on spending two days at the beach during our trip but on Wednesday morning it was threatening thunderstorms so we decided to see a few more things around Charleston instead. We first went to the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon. This was a very important building during the Revolutionary War; in fact, it is apparently one of the three most important historic colonial buildings. So much interesting historical information and artifacts there, but the best part was the "dungeon" on the bottom level. It served as a jail that held revolutionaries and, more importantly for Jamie at least, pirates! We went on a guided tour of that portion of the building and really enjoyed the stories. Unfortunately right afterwards, Jacob started screaming and we had to make a hasty exit.
Signing the Declaration of Independence, which was read to the people of South Carolina from the steps of this building.
Thomas's first time wearing the Ergobaby.
We decided to go back to the Waterfront Park for an early lunch again. After we ate Jamie played in one of the big fountains there and really enjoyed himself.


After Jamie got dried off and changed, we headed up to North Charleston to a Fire Museum. This was another stop just for Jamie, and he loved it. They had tons of historical firetrucks, uniforms, and badges, a play area with a firetruck ladder, fire pole, and slide, a firetruck simulator, and a variety of other hands-on exhibits.

The rest of the day was a little more low-key. After Jamie had had his fill of firetrucks we went back to the hotel. Jamie and I went swimming again while Jacob took a nap and Thomas read. It was SO nice to have some 1-on-1 time with Jamie since I didn't get a whole lot while Thomas was gone. We only went back in when it started to rain. That night we had dinner at Panera and then after Jacob was asleep, Jamie, Thomas, and I watched old episodes of Full House on Nick-at-Nite. A nice, relaxing evening together, which was just what we needed.

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