Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jacob is 4 months

Jacob turned 4 months old on Wednesday!

He had his 4 month check-up on Thursday. He now weighs 16 lbs, 1 oz, and is 26 inches long. He's just 3 oz shy of doubling his birth weight.

What's new this month:
  • Jacob's nighttime sleep has gotten significantly worse since we got back from our trip to Charleston. He goes to sleep just fine, but then he wakes up screaming after 40 minutes. When he finally goes back to sleep, he now usually wakes up again after just 3 or 4 hours and wakes up over and over throughout the night. The 8 or 9 hour stretches he was giving us up til a month or so ago seem like a distant dream.
  • He gets super distracted while nursing. Jamie's not allowed to come in the room if I'm nursing Jacob anymore. Jamie is not happy about this arrangement.
  • He can reach for things!
  • He found his toes and he's completely obsessed. His current ambition is to eat them.
  • He is totally ticklish, and he laughs and squeals and grins for us all the time. I love it. He also sometimes makes a weird noise that sounds like growling. It is kind of disturbing.
  • We can see/feel the beginnings of teeth buds but I definitely think Jamie is going to win earliest teether. Jacob would need to get a tooth within the week to beat him, and I don't see that happening.
  • He drools all over everything and has been blowing a lot of spit bubbles lately.
  • This isn't new but I didn't mention it previously: This baby almost never spits up at all! It is so strange after Jamie! Not complaining, though :)
  • He went to the beach for the first time and doubled the number of states he's visited to. He has now been to Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

We sure love this baby!

 More pictures from the last month:

Jakelangelo :) Guess whose idea this was.
Reaching means he can play with toys a little bit.
and of course by "play with" I mean "put in his mouth"
Jamie dressed Jacob up like a firefighter.
first time in the Jumperoo. Jamie was more excited about it than Jacob was :)
Jacob's ALWAYS fussy at dinnertime and won't let us put him down. We pulled out the high chair to see if sitting at our level would help at all. I think it has a little, but just a little.

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