Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

When I realized Thomas was going to be out of town for the 4th of July (he is currently in Europe. We are halfway through his 2 weeks of being gone), I was pretty sure I'd pretend there was no holiday and just stay at home and take it easy. But then I realized Jamie was only 2 the last time we celebrated since we were in Europe last year, and I knew he would enjoy it, plus there really aren't any more major holidays until I decided to suck it up and be patriotic for the little weasel.

In the morning we went to the parade in Farragut. Jamie's first parade! I didn't tell him ahead of time that there would be candy, so that was an exciting realization for him. The Mayfield Dairy float was even giving out popsicles. I think he really enjoyed seeing the firetrucks and ambulances and marching bands--and of course anyone giving out candy--but I also think he was ready to go by the end. 
cute Jacob's first 4th of July
Jamie's first pixy stick. yikes.

There were some interesting organizations represented in the parade...
such as the Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club
and the Sons of Norway: Vikings of the Smokies

In the afternoon, we went downtown to Knoxville's Festival on the Fourth at World's Fair Park.
Jamie played in the fountain for about 2 minutes before deciding it was too cold, so then we moved over to the playground where he was much happier.

There were zero food choices that were not deep fat fried. So we just went with that: corndogs and ribbon fries.

After we ate, we found a spot for fireworks and put out our blanket. We had a good while to wait so we spent time playing some card games. After a while a family with a 3-year-old boy sat next to us, so that gave Jamie someone to play with. When the boys got too rowdy, the dad pulled out his iPad and put on a movie for them. That's not usually how I roll, but with it being after both boys' bedtime and Jamie acting completely crazy and Thomas not there to help corral him, I was definitely thankful for the distraction.
those toes are in the air a lot these days

For the last hour or so before the fireworks started, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra put on a free concert with traditional and patriotic songs. Jamie ignored it in favor of Despicable Me but I really enjoyed it. And for the second time that day, I realized that we are the only people in Knoxville who don't know the song "Rocky Top." The orchestra continued playing when the fireworks were going off too, which was really fun. Jamie was clearly exhausted and just snuggled up on me to watch them. He loved them. And Jacob, who had just fallen asleep right before they started, actually stayed asleep through the whole thing!

It took us an hour to get home. Half of that was spent in the parking garage, waiting our turn in a very slow line. Thankfully both boys fell asleep very quickly.
When we got home, Jamie had a horrible meltdown, one of the 2 worst of his life. I know it was because he was completely exhausted and, you know, 4, but it was too bad since the rest of the day had been pretty fun. But there was a silver lining at least: he slept in until 9 this morning. Completely unheard of!

So that was our fourth! Hope everyone else had a fun day too!

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