Friday, June 27, 2014

swimming lessons

Jamie just finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons. Before they began, I didn't realize how much he feared putting his head under the water. It was a real struggle for him at the beginning and made parts of the lessons difficult, back floating in particular as he wasn't willing to put his head all the way back in the water. However, we were truly amazed at how much he improved in just two weeks. By the end he was putting his face in even when he didn't have to, just for fun. He's also willing to jump in without someone catching him (with some sort of flotation device on) and got lots better at kicking and just feeling comfortable on his own in the water. He's still not comfortable with back floating but he's doing way better than at first. The one thing he wasn't ever willing to do was jump off the diving board. They let the kids try on the last couple days but Jamie would only go out as far as the railing, then turn around and head back. He's pretty scared of heights so I frankly would have been shocked if he had jumped. He did end up going off it twice while his teacher was holding him. He said he liked it but I'm not sure if he really did. Overall, though, it was clear he enjoyed the lessons. We were so proud to see his improvement! We're probably going to sign him up for another session later in the summer so he doesn't forget everything he learned.

That's as far as he got on his own. He didn't jump at all that day.

Grabbing rings off the bench on the last day. He was perfectly willing to stick his whole head under to do it. Such a difference!!


After the last lesson, we went out for lunch at a new burger place by campus. They had really good burgers and also delicious frozen custard. So fun!


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