Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day

This year Father's Day fell on Jamie's birthday, so we celebrated a week early so both Thomas and Jamie could have their own special days. We had such a fun day! It started out with present opening.
Jamie wrapped his gift by himself! He cut the paper, wrapped up the gift, and taped it all on his own.
You can't open a present in this house without Jamie's help.
Thomas has really been wanting family pictures for his new office, so we got him some, prints from me and a marker portrait from Jamie :) We decided to keep going with the for-the-office theme and also got him a big tub of trail mix, some post-it notes, and some hand sanitizer (an odd gift, yes, but a practical one!). 

Then we all went to the zoo. Thomas loves the zoo. He voluntarily takes Jamie there most weekends on his own, ostensibly so I can have time to myself (or now, time with just Jacob), but really he just likes an excuse to go. Due to a combination of illness, holidays, and being out of town, they hadn't gone in over a month, so finally getting back there made it an extra nice outing for Thomas. Plus it was Jacob's first trip to the zoo! :)
He spent most of the visit just like this.
zoo buddies
otters are Thomas's favorite
This gibbon loves Jamie. He was up in a corner until Jamie came and stood right there, and then he suddenly swooped down right next to him and stayed forever. Thomas said this happens all the time. (there's glass in between them in case you can't tell)
Happy Father's Day!
family shot! I almost didn't post this so please bear in mind that I just had a baby. (how long do I get to use that excuse?)
We had a low-key afternoon just playing, then we got dinner from Thomas's favorite barbecue place and had his favorite carrot cake. The cake served double duty. My parents came to visit the next day and we used it to celebrate Father's Day with my dad too.

Finally, after the boys were in bed, we watched Star Wars. I think I planned the perfect Father's Day for Thomas, if I do say so myself :) Jamie and Jacob are so lucky to have Thomas for a daddy! We love him so much.


  1. You get to use that excuse for at least a year. But I honestly think you look great.

    Peter recently told me that he doesn't like carrot cake, and I just don't get it. How can someone no like carrot cake?! It just does not compute.

    Otters are our favorite, too!