Saturday, June 7, 2014

photo dump {May}

I also just put up pictures from March and April - keep scrolling down for those!

for a while, Jacob could sleep anywhere. He's pretty much lost that ability though.
wearing Mrs. Potato Head's earrings
We went on a walk and took a picnic lunch. I love this double stroller we got for Christmas!

I'd have to ask Thomas for the specifics, but I believe this was some sort of Star Wars ship that they built.
It took me FOREVER to get a picture of Jacob smiling. Every time I'd pull out the camera he'd stop! These aren't the best but at least he's actually smiling in them.
Jamie wrote his name! It says James rather than Jamie. This wasn't the first time he's written it but it was the first time he's just sat down and done so of his own initiative. Obviously we need to work on going left to right and the M, backwards J, and sideways S could use some work, but I was just excited he wanted to write it. He then asked me to write his other names.
they built a pirate ship. It was truly awesome; the picture doesn't do it justice.
Jacob the Jedi
Thomas made me dinner on Mother's Day. YUM
for some reason, dinosaurs and trains get played with together a lot at our house...
Jamie was pretending to be a paleontologist and his Legos were the dinosaur bones. His job was to fit them back together to make the dinosaur's skeleton. I love it.
getting better at holding up his head (though that has done nothing to improve his nonexistent tolerance of tummy time)
watching big brother build
Jamie's preschool group took a field trip to the fire station. He was almost too scared to get up in the truck (heights are his one fear), but he did it in the end!

another awesome construction
Jamie drew our family!
I realize there are a lot of Lego pictures, but they are one of Jamie's (and Thomas's) favorite pastimes. This is supposed to be the Millennium Falcon. He made separate compartments for Han and Chewie, the droids, and Luke and Leia, and then put a "jail" in the back for Darth Vader and the stormtrooper.
Jamie trying on Jacob's socks--which used to be his!
Jamie shared Peter with Jacob. And he has also called Jacob "Peter" a couple times, which I find both hilarious and cute.
2 months old
I asked Jamie to make his bed one morning and found Max and Peter tucked in :)

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  1. These pictures are all adorable. I want to comment on each one!