Saturday, June 7, 2014

photo dump {April}

first time using the Ergobaby, though I've actually only used it a few times so far. At this age I still prefer the Moby wrap.
game night. Daddy and Jacob were on a team :)
When we were still dealing with Jacob's jaundice, he was supposed to get a lot of sunlight. Here he is sunbathing on our balcony.
first time sleeping in the crib
first time we put together the puzzle Uncle Benj gave him for Christmas
Grandma sent us a little bath book and Jamie insisted I read it to Jacob.
Super Jacob!
Funny story... I guess we shop at Trader Joe's too much, because after Jacob was born, we were given a congratulatory free bouquet while shopping there one day. Have I mentioned that I love that store???
He LOVES sucking on his fists. And he'll only tolerate tummy time if he can find one to suck on.
first time trying out the Bumbo, but he really wasn't big enough/steady enough yet
and of course someone else insisted on having a turn
first night with both boys in the same room, when Jacob was 4 weeks. He was so loud and grunty in his sleep that I had trouble sleeping through it. Jamie, on the other hand, had no problem sleeping through it, so we moved him in a little sooner than I had expected we would. The grunting has pretty much ended at this point.
1 month old
trying to swaddle him :)
Jacob usually sits in his bouncy chair next to my seat during meals, but one day Jamie moved it over to his side and insisted that the brothers sit next to each other.
yet another toy offering from Jamie
I set Jacob down on Jamie's bed. Jamie decided it was a boat and he was Jacob's mommy and it was time to sleep, so he tucked them both in. So cute!
Jamie loves band-aids.
This little activity gym was Jamie's favorite when he was a baby. This was the first time we got it out for Jacob. He's still not reaching for those bees yet, though.
Jamie once again wanted a turn with the baby things.
Jamie HATES having his hair washed. He always screams. It drives us crazy. One day I promised that if he didn't scream, he could wash Daddy's hair. This face shows how he felt about that. And the next picture shows the resulting washing :)
Jamie decided to make lunch for the two of us. I should explain that we normally make him a sandwich on just one piece of bread, with jam on half and pb on the other half. It was so sweet that I actually ate the sandwich even though I don't like pb&j. 
One night we had TERRIBLE thunderstorms that actually woke Jamie up (first time ever he's been woken up by thunder) and he couldn't get back to sleep. He was awake so much in the night that he ACTUALLY TOOK A NAP the next day. First time in 4 months. 

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