Monday, June 23, 2014

Jamie is 4!

On the 15th, we celebrated Jamie's 4th birthday!

At 4 years old, Jamie loves Star Wars, superheroes (especially Batman and Ninja Turtles), trains, cars and trucks, dinosaurs, dress ups, puzzles, and board games. He's extremely good with Legos, he loves books almost as much as I do, and he's getting better at drawing/writing recognizable pictures and letters. He is very creative and spends most of each day pretending, whether he's being a doctor, fireman, construction worker, knight, dragon, Jedi, plumber, author, dentist, paleontologist (the list goes on...) or acting out one of his books. Almost nothing scares him. He loves monsters, witches, ghosts, mummies, really anything associated with Halloween. He loves food--he eats as much as some adults and isn't very picky except he doesn't like raw vegetables and he has a crazy sweet tooth. He's super wiggly, always in motion, and never quiet. As we've been saying since he was a baby, Jamie is extremely fond of jokes and tricks. He's just so silly. Though he at times drives us crazy with his incessant questions and inability to use an inside voice, we feel so lucky to have this boy in our lives!

He woke up so excited on his birthday and just had to open his presents first thing. He got a lot of awesome gifts: a Darth Vader mask and cape, two floor puzzles, a Richard Scarry board game, several books (The Sneetches, The Day the Crayons Quit, all the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books, and a book of Batman stories), a Ninja Turtles coloring/sticker book, a book of mazes, green shorts, a Shredder action figure, and a train whistle. Plus a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card, which he just used to choose some more books: Dragons Love Tacos, I Need My Monster, and 3 Berenstain Bears books. Lucky kid!
In the bottom right picture, he was so excited about his new game that he was clapping. It was really cute.
 For breakfast we had French toast and strawberries. And we wore party hats.
even Jacob :)
Jamie spent most of his day playing with all of his new things.

He finally has all the turtles plus Shredder.
My mom had a tradition of taking a picture of us sitting on the couch with all our presents, so I like to do that with Jamie too.

I took him outside to try and get a good birthday picture. That kid is not very cooperative, but here are some that turned out all right. I love that one of him with the stick. Any time he sees a stick on the ground, he has to pick it up. And I bribed him to pose with the promise of wearing his new Darth Vader dress-up in one.

For dinner he requested pizza and corn-on-the-cob. We had a lot of fun making the pizza together.
He chose pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and pineapple.

And after dinner, of course it was time for birthday cake! I saw this idea for a cake online a couple of years ago, but last year we were in France and I wasn't able to make his cake, so it had to wait for this year. I love how it turned out! The dirt is crushed up Oreos and the highway cones were made from orange Starbursts. They don't really look orange here because the lighting in our dining room/kitchen is really bad, but you get the idea. Jamie loved his cake, but he especially loved the highway cones.
Happy birthday to you!

It was a great birthday for my cute four-year-old boy!

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