Saturday, June 7, 2014

photo dump {March}

Obviously I haven't been keeping up with the blog very well since Jacob was born. There's just too much to catch up on, so instead of individual posts for all these things, I'm just going to add a bunch of photos from the last few months. Enjoy :)

flowers and cards from Jamie and Emily waiting for us when we got home from the hospital
the set-up in our room for the first month
When Thomas found out he got a fellowship for next year, we celebrated with brownie sundaes.
Jacob under the bililights. :( He hated it. We hated it. Jaundice is the worst.
with Momma after his first bath at home
Jamie combined his Legos and train tracks to make a whole city
having a tea party with some stuffed animals
Jamie had been too scared to go down this slide for ages. Over and over he would tell me he was going to go down it, climb up to the top, immediately change his mind, and climb back down. Finally one day while Emily was still with us (and she went down before him, which probably helped), he mustered the courage to do it! He's been going down it ever since. I was so proud of him!

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