Monday, June 9, 2014

Jamie on a train

One of Jamie's birthday presents from Thomas's parents was tickets on the Three Rivers Rambler. It was an hour and a half train ride, and he had a wonderful time! Trains have been one of Jamie's favorites for a long time, so it was a great present. The best parts were 1) when the conductor asked if anyone knew what conductors usually say when the train's about to go. He was standing really close to us, so he heard Jamie's answer of "All aboard!" and had him repeat it into the microphone for everyone to hear. It was so cute and everyone clapped for him. And 2) at the end of the track, we got to watch the engine unhook and turn around. It started pouring rain so Jacob and I actually missed that part but Thomas and Jamie stayed out on the open car to see it. Jamie loved it.
how Jacob spent most of the ride
...and how Jamie spent most of the ride

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