Thursday, September 18, 2014


While September has been rough, August was a really fun month. The week after Grammy & Papy visited, we headed down to Atlanta to stay at Mark & Sarah's for the weekend. My brother Nathaniel, his wife Sarah, and my brother Benj all came too. We had a really fun weekend!! We went to the Coke museum, the History Center, and the pool (twice!), and of course we played games, sat around and talked, and just enjoyed our time together. The only downside was that Jamie was still battling some illness while we were there, coughing and wheezing a lot and coming down with a fever one day. But while he was feeling well he had a great time playing with his cousins, and he LOVED the History Center. He is still talking about the Swan House, and he was so excited about the Civil War exhibit they had and remembered an impressive amount from our trip to Fort Sumter. I know Jacob loved all the extra attention too! Wish we could get together with our family more often!

I honestly tried to take fewer pictures on this visit, but it doesn't look like I succeeded. Oh well!

We were surprised that all 3 of them could fit in that box!
at the World of Coke museum
Jacob and Uncle Nate!
Jacob with new Aunt Sarah :) I wonder how long we'll call her that...
Jamie's favorite part far and away! He just loved the bear. Christine did not.
At the end they have a room where you can try different Coke products from all over the world. Jamie didn't want to try anything carbonated (fine by me!) but he did enjoy some of non-carbonated ones.
Some European sodas don't taste very good.
My dad used to bring Inca Kola back from his trips to Peru when we were growing up. Fun to have it again! It tastes a lot like cream soda.
a fun game of Curses
holding Jacob is still a favorite activity, but not quite as much now that he can pull hair :)
I'm not sure if they were playing doctor or if they were poisoning her . . .
The kids put on a couple of little plays for us. It was so cute.
bowing and curtsying at the end
Jacob and Uncle Mark!
going into the Swan House at the History Center
This lady was so great with the kids! She showed them several things in the kitchen areas of the house.
Jamie in front of the Swan House. This house was used as President Snow's mansion in one of the Hunger Games movies (which I haven't seen. But it's a pretty cool house).
rolling down the hill in front of the house :)
When we first got to the pool, there were several peals of thunder so we couldn't go swimming right away. Fortunately there is a little playground right next to their pool so we didn't have to go straight back home. We waited it out and got to go swimming in the end! We had a great time.

Jacob's first time in a pool!
Thomas and Sarah racing.
Nathaniel and Benj joined in the racing action.
Thomas won :)

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