Thursday, May 7, 2015


Here's our April, minus Easter...

Jamie and I played a hilarious April Fool's Day joke on Thomas that involved Jell-o and spiders. Thomas didn't find it quite so hilarious.
Jamie kept on with lots of drawing.
He loves to look at books for inspiration for drawings and Lego building.
Sarah and the girls came up for a couple days during their spring break. We took them to the Sunsphere, the downtown library, and Market Square. I borrowed some of these pictures from Sarah's blog. I have been pretty lazy about taking pictures lately.
Then we met them at the children's museum in Chattanooga. The kids had a ton of fun!
These are a little Jacob-heavy because I hung out with him in the toddler area while the bigger kids did other things.
Jamie in a bubble!
saying good bye after a late lunch at Taco Mamacita's
playing in Jacob's bed...
...and in Jamie's
13 months! I wasn't intending to keep up with monthly pictures now that he's 1, but he climbed up there himself and looked so cute. :)
I made Jamie a new apron. He chose the fabric. :)
first time using play-doh

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  1. Looks like fun. I like the tower all the way to the ceiling.