Wednesday, April 6, 2016

February extras

Jamie created his own paratrooper uniform, complete with parachute:
 And Jacob wanted to get in on the action. :)

Nutella face!

I found this boy with sitting on our bed with an open tub of Aquaphor. He had smeared it all over his face and hands. When I exclaimed, "What are you doing??!!?" he replied, "Aqua on cheeks." Sometimes in the winter we would put it on his cheeks when they got too chapped. I'm just glad I found him before he touched anything else!! This wasn't fun to clean because it is made to block moisture and doesn't wash off easily.

Night out with my friend Mandy

These boys. What am I going to do with them??

"Make me a ridiculous lunch, Mommy."

I have to document this because it was the lowest price we paid before prices started going back up. It felt unreal.

Wearing Mommy's shoes :)

We started having beautiful weather towards the end of February. Lots of outside playtime!!

I found this on the camera. Baby's first selfie!! Hahaha.

An afternoon at Fort Kid with the Tietjens. This was our first time there, though I had been meaning to go for years! The kids loved it.
This was the day Jamie lost his tooth. If you look closely, you can see that it was still there in this picture. I noticed it was gone about an hour later.
Jamie & Carter

And that's a wrap on February!! Hopefully one day I will be caught up on blogging again!

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