Friday, April 1, 2016

Jamie's first lost tooth!

Jamie lost his first tooth on February 29th. It had been loose for a long time, so we were very excited when it finally fell out! The day he lost it, it had been hanging on just by a little corner and he could twist it all around with his tongue, so we knew it would happen before long. That afternoon/evening we were playing at the park with some friends. We were in the middle of a picnic dinner when I looked at Jamie and realized the tooth was gone! Whether he lost it somewhere on the playground or swallowed it during dinner, we'll never know, but since we didn't have a tooth to put under his pillow, we left the tooth fairy a note instead. Jamie was super excited to find a gold dollar coin under his pillow the next morning!

Jamie dictated the note and then added "Wut doo you doo with teeth?" though some of that is backwards!

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