Sunday, March 2, 2014

snow days

This has been a weird winter for Knoxville. We've gotten so much more snow than any other year we've lived here. There were two days in particular where we got quite a bit and traffic was horrible, school was cancelled, etc. The first time it happened, it started snowing lightly in the morning. Jamie and I went to story time at the library as usual, and there were only 5 kids there (the previous week there had been probably 40)! By the time we left, traffic had already gotten very congested and slow. It took forever to get home because everyone was only driving 10-15 mph even though there was no snow sticking to the main roads yet. Gotta love the South. Of course, I shouldn't complain because of how much worse others (like my brother and his family in Atlanta) had it. We played in the snow that was very powdery so no snowmen that day but Jamie had fun just digging and tromping and making snow angels.
He doesn't look very happy in this picture, but I promise he was loving it.
 A couple weeks later, another snowstorm hit. It really started to come down in the afternoon and kept up all night. We woke up to nearly 7 inches of snow! I couldn't believe there was really that much in Knoxville. This time the snow was the *perfect* packing snow...seriously amazing. Thomas and Jamie together made a cute family of snowmen. There were snowmen all over the apartment complex...but not for long. It was so warm that day that by the time we went to bed, almost all of it had melted. And the weather continues to be erratic...Today it's nearly 70 but we may get some more snow or freezing rain in the morning. I'd love some consistency!
another huge snowman someone made outside our building

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