Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the bean

Jamie has recently been talking a lot about wanting to be a scientist (usually a paleontologist) and asking to do experiments. We've done several small, quick "experiments," but the best one by far has been growing a bean on a wet paper towel. We just used a dried pinto bean from a bag we already had in the cupboard and set the jar in Jamie's window every morning. He loved checking on it each night and putting it back each morning. I don't know for sure when we started but it was some time in January and we just finally pronounced the experiment finished last week when the leaves started drying out and the roots started turning black. It was so neat to watch all that time.

January 28
February 6
February 13


  1. Rachel just brought a bean home in a paper towel from school. I forgot about it; I need to get it in a jar asap!

  2. Pretty cool. Reminds me of an experiment my 3rd grade class did, growing some little plants with different light sources (sun, artificial, and darkness). The dark one shot up initially, which was fascinating to us kids. Zealan did a cool experiment in which he put pieces of bread in ziplock backs and hung them on the window, i believe one was dry and one had some liquid added. Then sat back and compared the mold growth.