Sunday, March 2, 2014

weekend in Atlanta

Last month we got to spend a weekend in Atlanta with Uncle Mark, Aunt Sarah, and the cousins. We were lucky in that we planned the trip when there turned out to be no snow (who would have thought that would be an issue??) and we got to be there for their Valentine's party. The kids spent a lot of time playing indoors and outdoors, we ate a lot of treats and other yummy food, and we watched a lot of the Olympics. We had a great weekend together! I'm glad we got in one more trip down there before the baby comes.
sugar cookies...yummm
They all helped rake and gather these leaves and pine needles into a pile and then brought out the chairs so they'd have an easy way to jump into it.
like I said, lots of Olympics-watching
Christine turned 1 just a week or so before our visit. We got her that Elmo and she was SO cute snuggling it!
The kids playing one of the games at the Valentine's party.
Elena and Abigail explaining another game.
and another game--all the Cupids
Jamie's favorite part of the night--treats.
The next day all the kids wanted to dress up like Cupids too. Sadly I didn't get a picture of them all together, but here's Jamie.


  1. I like the pic on the chairs around the pile of leaves. Good idea, or like some kind of ceremony.

  2. I barely watched any Olympics this time because I was out of the country for most of it, but glad you guys enjoyed it.