Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 funny things

Oh, Mr. James.

As he gets older, this little boy gets to be a lot more work (I can't get ANYTHING done while he's awake now. I spend all my time saving either him or our belongings--or most often both--from impending doom), but he is also getting to be more and more fun. He has been cracking us up a lot recently. Here's just a sample of the things he's been doing.

#1. In the morning when Jamie wakes up, I nurse him and then usually bring him back to bed with us for a few minutes. We want a little more time before we have to get up, and Jamie spends the time crawling all over us and playing peek-a-boo with the blankets. A few days ago during this time, he started crawling over Thomas's belly, then put his head down and started blowing raspberries. We do this to his tummy all the time; it was SO cute to see him doing it back!

#2. Jamie crawls around all day, finding and trying to eat every tiny crumb and dust mote on the floor. It makes me feel like I need to vacuum three times a day. Sometimes, though, he thinks he has picked something up when he hasn't . . . and he still tries to put it in his mouth. This happens a lot with sunlight coming through cracks in the blinds and also with freckles. It is just too funny to see him trying to eat freckles.

#3. Jamie has a lot of rubber duckies that he plays with in the bath. His new thing is to set them all up on the side of the tub. No clue where he got the idea to do this.

#4. After his bath, we wrap him up in a hooded towel. I guess I got in the habit of looking in the mirror with him after he's wrapped up because now he expects it. As soon as he's got the towel on, he leans in the direction of the mirror, trying to look in, and as soon as he sees himself, he gets the biggest grin. I'd want to look in the mirror all the time too if I were as cute as he is!

#5. Our computer desk has a slide-out keyboard tray, which Jamie loves to pull out. Mommy doesn't love it so much because there are sharp corners right about his eye level. Even if I don't let him pull it out, though, he reaches up and tries to click the keys on both the keyboard and the mouse. He already knows that's what you do with them.


  1. (by Annie's mom)

    It's so fun to hear about those interesting and cute things that Jamie does, and to find out about how and what he's learning, etc! Thanks for sharing! He's obviously extremely bright (based on what you say, and based on what I've observed)!

  2. (by Annie's mom)

    When Jamie looks in the mirror after his bath, does he seem to think the baby he sees there, is himself, or maybe that it's another cute baby boy?

  3. That is too cute! I used to always put Adriana in front of the mirror too after her bath. She loved it. We're still doing it with the twins and they love to smile at themselves. I'm sure you are having tons of fun with him! The moments go by too fast.

  4. a duck-organizer in the making