Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At the library

What are we doing here, Mom?
What's this?
What could I possibly want with a book
that's already off the shelf?
I'm gonna go play.
Three whole shelves full of books to pull down??
I could do this all day.
Fine, you caught me. Guess I'll climb up here
and yell instead.
oh, is this what we came for?


  1. indeed, the library is a place where he can really go after his hobbies.

  2. (by Annie's mom)

    The pictures of Jamie at the library, and your captions under them, are all adorable!! How fun to see his reaction to all that was taking place, including the big library shelves of books!

  3. (by Annie's mom)

    I agree with Nathaniel - very cute outfit!

  4. (by Annie's mom)

    Jamie's expressions here are priceless - probably especially the first picture, where he's (supposedly) thinking "what are we doing here Mom?". So adorable!