Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is Jamie secretly from Lord of the Rings?

I just finished reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time. This has left me with a few questions, most of which fall into the "what was Peter Jackson thinking when he made The Two Towers??" category. One perhaps more pressing question, however, is this:

Is this baby

actually this creature?

I know they don't look much alike at first glance, but they actually have a number of similarities...

Jamie often trots around on all fours in nothing but a diaper.

He is extremely interested in my wedding ring.

And he frequently tries to bite off my fingers.

On the other hand, he sounds more like a nazgul . . .


  1. Nice work, I read those back in the Summers of '04 and '05. Good but probably only a one-time read for me.

    It was interesting to see which scenes from the books were used as climactic elements in the movies. In "the fellowship", Boromir's battle with the Uruk-hai functions as the climax of the movie, but is not actually told in the book (only the surrounding events, and a supposition of what occurred). In "the two towers", this phenomenon is even more extreme, as the battle of helm's deep occurs about halfway through the book, but is the climax and central feature of the movie. I think it's the weakest of the three movies. The return of the king kind of all runs together for me, so I'll skip that one, but I do remember that the movie is very awesome.

    Despite these interesting differences, I must assert that all three movies are excellent productions, and well worth watching repeatedly.

    PS Jamie and Gollum do have somewhat similar hair.

  2. (By Annie's mom.)
    I understand what you are saying (and that it's not really serious - so don't take my comments too seriously either), but even so, I see NO similarity between this ADORABLE baby Jamie, and that UGLY creature! It seems that you'd have to sort of just try to imagine it, for any similarities to even occur to you, given the extreme difference in their looks etc! And what baby DOESN'T crawl around in just a diaper, if he's left in just a diaper, and knows how to crawl? And what baby wouldn't be interested in his mom's wedding rings, since babies are interested in everything? And with all due respect Benj, I see little similarity in Jamie's cute hair, and the longer stringy hair of that ugly creature!

  3. whatever, Mom. You just wait til he tries to bite off one of YOUR fingers, then we'll see if you think he might be Gollum.

    and Benj, my response to your comment would be long enough for its own post.

  4. We couldn't agree more . . . except that Jamie is a slightly cuter than Gollum. Interestingly, when Adriana watched Lord of the Rings with us, she wasn't at all scared of Gollum and she called him the monkey, and she called it the Monkey Movie. And by the way, we are well aware that we are evil parents for having let her see such a movie. :)

  5. By the way, I think Peter Jackson had to do something different from the book, because the first two don't really have a climax and conclusion, and movies sort of need a climax and conclusion, even if they are not the final movie of a trilogy. But I also found it kind of weird that the chronology of the movies was so much different from the books. Both were excellent, though. I am now very interested to see Annie's blog about all this, given her general dislike for movies based on books. :) (in case you are wondering, both of these messages are from Mark)

  6. Ha, that is too funny! Adriana is so cute.

    And the blog post will be coming soon...I know you are all eagerly awaiting it.

  7. (by Annie's mom)

    Annie, about your comment here that I should just wait until Jamie tries to bite one of MY fingers - do you not recall that I (bravely or foolishly) put my finger in his mouth (probably the last time you were here), and he DID bite it, enough that it hurt somewhat? But it was worth it to see how he does that! :)