Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas break fun

Just some random fun from the holidays...
movie night! We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
cousins being entertained by the iPad
story time with Aunt Sarah (and Uncle Mark and Uncle Nate)
playing the piano and singing silly songs with Uncle Benj
The Woehlks' Christmas party! Jamie and Anthony got the same police dress-up for Christmas and had too much fun running around arresting everybody.
Jamie locking up Grammy
Jamie and Quinn -- and Thomas :)
story time with Grandma
more silliness with Uncle Benj
love these faces :)
Greg came to visit and brought Jamie a Christmas gift in the same box he's been using for several years now.
playing Bang! Jamie actually loved helping me play. I let him choose who we would put in jail and who we would shoot and he had a ball. He was disappointed we were never the sheriff, but being a bad guy was fun too :)
me and Greg!
Jamie and Adriana reading stories
Uncle Johnny being attacked by little girls.
making a hat with Grandma
more stories
Jamie made these nun-chuks with Uncle Benj because Michelangelo is his favorite Ninja Turtle. He is still using them and wants to play Ninja Turtles every day!
playing Johnny's old Crossfire game with Grandpa
one last dress-up: Jamie the astronaut! He has been having SO MUCH FUN with all his dress-ups!
and finally, a few shots of Jamie destroying his gingerbread house just before we left...

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