Sunday, January 12, 2014

preschool Christmas party

Jamie's preschool group had a fun Christmas party just before we left to spend Christmas in Missouri. It was a really cute party, and Jamie had a great time! The theme was Christmas morning, so the kids all wore their pajamas, and everyone brought yummy brunch food to share at the end.

Jamie started out by decorating "Christmas trees" (upside down waffle cones) and cookies. Of course he then wanted to eat them right away. It is next to impossible to keep him from eating if any food is available, especially treats. He definitely inherited my sweet tooth...

Next he decorated an ornament. On a cute little piece of scrapbook paper we wrote down his Christmas wishes for this year ("trains and green things!"), then we rolled it up and stuck it inside a clear ornament. Jamie painted the outside red, and we added his name, the year, and a green ribbon to the top. 

The kids played a few fun games also, but Jamie was much more interested in spectating than getting very involved this time around. The first game involved having one kid hide inside a Christmas present and for the second they had to try to sneak away jingle bells without being heard.

There was also a fun gift exchange. Jamie got a huge thing of bubbles, which he has really enjoyed, but he was very covetous of the M&Ms and cocoa set a child near him got.

Finally, we had a really yummy brunch. Most of the other kids ate quickly and then ran around playing with each other, but as usual Jamie was more interested in the food. He really is quite the eater.

It was a great party, and almost immediately afterwards we set out for Missouri. Much more on that to come...

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