Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year's Eve

We had a fun New Year's Eve, apart from the fact that most of the people at my house had succumbed to the plague by that point. Yuck. But otherwise it was a great night. We actually had two celebrations, one for the kids earlier in the night and one actually at midnight long after they were in bed asleep. Lots of treats, lots of games, and lots of silliness combined for a fun evening!

the kids having a yummy treat
Aunt Sarah brought sparklers!
poppers--Jamie held his the wrong way and it popped in his hand so nothing flew out. Oh well, maybe next time!
warming up by the fire
sparkling grape juice at "midnight" -- Jamie didn't even want to try it, which is unusual for him. But he was happy to toast with plain water.
treats courtesy of myself and Sarah
Johnny, before he left to go home early because he was sick and tired :(
the real midnight celebration
did I mention the silliness??

Happy New Year!

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