Saturday, January 17, 2015


By the time Thomas's family went home, there was only about a week until Christmas. Between Thomas being gone in November and our unexpected trip in early December, we didn't get to do as many Christmas activities as normal. The boys didn't get to see Santa this year, I never even started Jacob's stocking, we didn't go to any nativities or look at Christmas lights or go caroling or leave cookies on anyone's doorstep or make any treats for anyone, actually.

But we did make the most of the time we had, and though it was shorter than usual, I think it was my favorite Christmas season ever. We managed to squeeze a lot of festivities into that short time. We put up our tree the day after we got home from Utah. Jamie and I made an awesome gingerbread house together (we almost didn't even do that, which would only have been the 2nd time in my life, but Jamie insisted). We read tons of Christmas books and listened to Christmas music non-stop. Jamie learned the words to so many songs this year; I loved it. We played lots of games and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Muppet Christmas Carol (hands down my favorite Christmas movie). Jamie and I also saw a stage production of A Christmas Carol on campus, and he did so well through the entire 2 1/2 hour play. Starting a couple days before Christmas, Thomas took a break from doing any work at all and just spent time with us for 6 days straight. We all planned gifts and surprises for each other, and the apartment was full of happy secrets. It was a wonderful time.

Jacob sure loved those ornaments. We had to move a lot of them to higher branches.
going to the play
gingerbread house time! My family has a long tradition of making gingerbread houses, and we make them entirely from scratch. My mom is a master at it, and this was my first time making one without having her around to consult with.
Jamie told me how he wanted the frosting and he added all the candies.

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