Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thomas is 30!

Thomas's birthday was on Thursday, and he turned the big 3 - 0! Which means I will as well in September. Yikes.

We had a special birthday breakfast of blueberry muffins, bacon and eggs, cantaloupe, and orange juice. Thomas still had to do work that day, so much of it was just like a regular day. In the evening we had his birthday dinner--pot roast, mashed potatoes, and green beans, followed by present opening and cake.

He chose this carrot cake again. Jamie and I had a fun time making it together during Jacob's naps the previous day.

Thomas got some great presents (if I do say so myself). Jamie wanted to get him another book about the Hobbit, so we looked around and found this book, which was perfect. His present from Jacob was a stuffed badger with a spoon (inside joke), which Thomas found as hilarious as Jamie and I did. :) I got him tickets to see Guys and Dolls in April, as well as a fantasy book I've heard good things about. He also received several cards with money and some other nice gifts from parents, in-laws, and friends.

It was a great birthday and hopefully the start of another great decade!

Jamie insisted that we needed balloons for a birthday. Jacob loved them.

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