Saturday, January 17, 2015


We were lucky this year, in that even though we didn't go home for the holidays, we still got to see all our family members. Thomas's mom, dad, and sister visited us shortly after the boys and I got back from Utah. We had a lot of fun with them, going shopping, playing games, eating good food... Patrick brought all the materials to make a bûche (a traditional French Christmas dessert) with Jamie, and they had fun doing that together. Emily stayed at our apartment, and we stayed up too late watching movies and talking. Jacob continued to be clingy. Thomas unfortunately caught whatever bug we'd had in Utah and spent a day of their visit in bed, but he rallied and joined in on the game playing the next couple nights. Overall, it was a very fun visit, and we were so happy to see them at Christmastime, even if not on Christmas itself. I didn't take very many pictures, but here's what I do have.

the bûche

Looking at these last couple pictures reminds me... One day while they were visiting, Jamie was running down the hall, slipped, and hit his head. Hard. So hard. He developed a huge goose egg immediately and was inconsolable. We called the doctor but they said if he wasn't throwing up or acting disoriented he was probably okay. The next morning, the swelling had moved down into his eyelid and he ended up with a black eye for 3 whole weeks. Poor guy.

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