Sunday, January 4, 2015

our trip to Utah

My maternal grandmother (and last living grandparent) died on Thanksgiving. She was 95 and very sick for the last few months, so we had been expecting it to happen any time. While it was still sad, it was one of the best-case-scenario funerals, as she had had a very long, full life. Her obituary is available here.

The boys and I went out to Utah for the funeral, and we stayed for about a week. The trip turned out to be a bit of a disaster. First off, flying with the two of them by myself was pretty crazy, though it could have gone much worse. Then while we were there, there was so much sickness. Both boys were already congested before we left, especially Jacob. Jamie and I both got a stomach bug and spent a night/day puking (Jamie's first ever stomach-related illness). Two of my brothers caught it from us and ended up puking on their drives home to Kirksville and Las Vegas respectively. Jamie developed an awful cough and threw up again on a different day because he was coughing so hard. Then one night he had the worst case of croup I've ever experienced. Jacob was teething the whole time and consequently sleeping even worse than normal and extra clingy during the day. He cut his 3rd tooth the day before we came home. Towards the end of our stay, both my parents also got sick. It was ridiculous.

However, it was nice to see my parents' new house (it is HUGE), and I'm very grateful we got to see so much family. All of my siblings were there, and we don't manage to get all 8 of us together very often. That was especially nice since we stayed in Knoxville for Christmas and wouldn't have seen everyone like normal this year. It was also fun to catch up with some aunts, uncles, and cousins who I hadn't seen in ages. We got to celebrate my nephew Rivers' 5th birthday, and I enjoyed being able to take Jamie to the Creamery on 9th where I worked for a semester (ten whole years ago....yeesh), though it was startling to see Heritage Halls (my freshman dorm) has been torn down. And if we were going to get sick like that, at least it didn't happen while Thomas was away in France and we were totally alone. I'm so grateful there were people to help with the boys that day.

I took very few pictures while we were there, so almost all of these are from other family members.

Jacob's first plane ride
Rivers' birthday
at the viewing, with my Aunt Jean, sister-in-law Sarah, and Aunt Linda
with my sister Amy
family prayer meeting before the funeral -- my mom with her siblings
cute nephews Brooks, Rivers, and Zealan

extended family members
brothers minus 1
Jamie was super interested in the casket. Probably a little too interested.
more nephews: Zealan, Jeffy, Lincoln
Mark and Hyrum make me laugh in this one.

obligatory in-order-of-age picture
Johnny, Hyrum with Rivers, Zealan, Mark, Caslea, Matthew, Sarah, Nathaniel, Jamie, Jacob, me, Benj, Amy, Laena, Kaylie
being silly at the Creamery-- we got burger and fries for lunch and then, of course, ice cream!

I love me some Creamery ice cream... but I couldn't finish this. Oops.
trying out his great-grandma's violin
block pyramid
such a classic Jamie pose
Jacob's face makes me laugh.
cute alpaca baby ready to head home!

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  1. Lots of good pictures! I like the one of Jamie with the casket, among others.