Saturday, January 3, 2015


Thomas was gone for most of November, and both boys got sick right after he left. It was a rough month. However, in spite of that we managed to have some fun playing together and doing Thanksgiving activities. I was so glad when that month was over, but now there are only a few weeks left til I have to do it all over, as Thomas will be in France again for all of February. Sigh.
After seeing someone make a Mayflower like this in one of the Thanksgiving books we got from the library, Jamie decided we should make one too.
We made Native American headbands.

and a Pilgrim hat.
I don't normally have the pack-n-play out, but while Thomas was gone I had to have somewhere to contain Jacob sometimes. He never played in it; he would just hold on to the side and cry at me while I made dinner or whatever. Jamie, on the other hand, loved getting in it and pretending it was his "exosubmarine."
another cool Lego creation. I no longer remember what it was.
I found the white board like this. All the numbers up to 30.
making a manuscript out of playdough--the green parts are the illuminated letters.
Each year the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra does a special storytime where they incorporate music into the stories. Afterwards they let the children try out some child-sized instruments.
Jamie's preschool Thanksgiving program. They sang a couple songs and had a Thanksgiving potluck.

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