Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jacob at 10 months

Jacob is 10 months old as of Friday.

New this month:

  • Just after hitting 9 months, Jacob started really eating. He likes to eat bread, crackers, meat, beans, lots of veggies, some fruits, no dairy. He will happily eat things like red peppers slices and cucumbers, which is very strange to us after Jamie, who to this day will not eat raw vegetables. Jacob has no tolerance for people trying to spoon feed him. That's okay by me. We have loved baby-led weaning.
  • Nighttime sleep is actually better for once! A few weeks ago we (and by "we" I mean "I" because Thomas can't lift Jacob in and out of his bed right now) started doing some Baby Whisperer-style sleep training, which has helped immensely. Previously it was a really good night if he slept until 11:30 before waking up the first time, and then he'd wake up every 2 to 3 hours after that. He's not sleeping all the way through the night, but Jacob now usually sleeps from 7:30 until anywhere between 3 and 5 before waking up.  The first few days of the sleep training were really rough and I was getting even less sleep than I had before, but now we are doing much better and it has made a huge difference in our days.
  • Jacob has started climbing. A few days ago he figured out how to climb onto Jamie's bed by himself, and now that is all he wants to do. I've seen him lift up his little knee to try to climb on many other places, but that's the only one he's succeeded at thus far.
  • He can now wave, clap on command, and sign "all done," "momma," and occasionally "more" (though it looks like clapping) in addition to "milk."
  • He can stand for longer periods. The longest I've seen is probably about 30 seconds. He's getting steadier every day.
  • I can tell he's starting to recognize more words, like "no," "shoe," and "book."
  • Jacob loves to put things into containers. It's so fun to watch.
  • He's started handing us things, which is very cute.
  • He has 7 teeth. After having just 2 for about three months, he cut five more in just 3 1/2 weeks!

I really love this age!

He loves red peppers. He got visibly excited when I picked one up in the store the other day. I hope it lasts!
He loves the dishwasher. And the refrigerator.
quinoa chili... mmmm.
He LOVES helium balloons.
Jamie's idea. Jacob LOVED it.
He conquered Mount Bed.
...which means he can reach things he's not supposed to.
black beans and rice. delicious.

Sir Jacob the Cute

best picture I've managed to get of him standing
the only picture I managed to capture before he stood up and could not be convinced to sit back down :)

I took a little video of his new climbing trick.

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  1. What a cutie, great pictures! I'm glad he's sleeping better, and I love the red-pepper obsession. :)